? Game Time Dog Supplies

Model # 106-1 5/8" X 4ft. Length $17.99

Model # 106-2.5 1/4 x 6ft. Length $14.99

Model # 106-2 5/8" X 6 ft. Length $29.99

Traffic Leads are designed to keep your dog close to you. Made with a strong material loop attached to a short 5/16 chain with a sturdy bull snap to fasten to your dog.

1inch x 48 inch lead #106-4 $18.99

Top Quality 5/8 Rope Leads feature brass rope clamps and your choice of a bull snap or swivel snap. Available in 4ft or 6ft long. Many colors available. Our leads come with a large bull snap(Only)!

The first Power Leash was developed in 1997 and has since improved. The Power Leash Is one in a three-part training system for dogs. The Power Leash is an elastic leash offering 100 pounds of resistance at full extension. The pig suede lining is hand sewn into the handle for comfort and durability. The results of the Power Leash are best seen when used in tandem with a leather walking harness. The entire construction of the Power Leash is done by hand

Model# 106-3,1 4ft $59.99 - Leash is made to order and may take up to a week for delivery.

Model# 106-3,3 $14.99 comes in black,red,blue