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    Conforms to your dog’s chest for a custom fit
    Ergonomic EVA foam chest plate
    Easy to adjust straps, creates a snug, secure fit
    Reflective stitching provides enhanced nighttime visibility
    Sturdy clasps make putting it on fast and easy
    The perfect small to large dog harness
    The rust-proof welded D-ring keeps your dog attached to the leash
    Add a matching Custom ID Tag
    Color Options: Blue, Red, Chocolate, Black, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green Camo, Pink Camo, Candy, Bubble Gum
    Size Options: XS, S, M, L, XL
    Seat Belt Car Restraint INCLUDED

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    The Convert™Harness is the most versatile Dog Harness on the market and you can take this harness anywhere. Just clip it on and you and your furry companion are good to go. This dog harness has been built to last. Super durable, strong and also soft on your dog. If your dog loves the outdoors and does not want to be limited in anyway, then this is the perfect solution. Because the load is distributed across the dog’s chest and around the sides, it does not pull against the throat like a standard collar does. Durable materials and innovative construction helps to ensure a safe and secure fit. Like all our harnesses, it is finished with a stainless steel D-ring that will not rust and features a soft-touch, magnetic traffic handle for when you need close control of your dog.

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    The Crosscheck Harness is a training harness that reduces a dog’s pulling via a girth checking system. It functions similarly to a martingale but instead performs a checking function around the dog’s girth rather than its neck. This alternative limited-slip checking system allows the handler to give a correctional tug as the dog begins to pull, teaching the dog to walk beside them in an effective and humane way while doubling as a solution for escape artists. The side checking feature is most effective when the dog is on the left side of the handler.

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    Our life jackets combine top performing flotation with the comfort of life vest versatility. Recognized as one of the top dog PFD’s on the market, EzyDog keeps your dog stylish with plenty of color options for your next trip to the beach.

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    The EzyDog DFD X2 Boost is the second generation of our best selling dog life jacket, the DFD. This new design offers the same amount of flotation, with a more streamlined ergonomic fit. We know never to compromise when it comes to the water safety of our pets, so we use only the highest grades of materials in all our dog life jackets. Whether you’re teaching your dog to swim or simply using it as a safety precaution, the DFD X2 Boost will help your dog stay safe around water.

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    Here at EzyDog, keeping your dog safe and happy is our top priority. That’s why we work hard to make sure our dog floatation devices are both effective and comfortable. Once you fit the adjustable strap, it’s easy to put it on and take it off. When your dog is comfortable in the PFD, he’ll be happier to wear it! Some customers tell us their pooches wear their dog personal floatation devices on land!

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    Whether you’re looking for a sport dog harness that’s quick and easy to fit, or more safety for an athletic pooch, or anything in between, the Quick Fit™ Harness is an ideal solution. Some of the Quick Fit™ Harness biggest fans are Flyballers! The Quick Fit™ Harness from EzyDog is the preferred flyball harness for the extreme sport enthusiast. When your dogs are raring to go, don’t waste time and energy trying to maneuver them into uncomfortable, complicated harnesses. Just click them into the Quick Fit™ harness and start enjoying the great outdoors together!

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    Proprietary Super Soft Webbing
    24″ Length
    Traffic Handle
    3/4″ Width Webbing

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